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Casey-nine weeks


This adorable little boy is a black and white parti.  So cute! Casey is an explorer.  He is slightly heavier and taller than Colby.   Should be about 18-20 pounds.   UPDATE:   This beautiful boy has been reserved.  He will be an ESA to a wonderful couple and his new name is Archie!

Chanelle-eight weeks


This lovely little girl has beautiful white markings on her chest.  Chanelle is sweet and loves to be held.  She is as big as the boys and should be 18-20 pounds.   UPDATE:  Reserved and heading home!

Charlie-nine weeks


This tubby little man looks to be deep apricot with white on his forehead and chest.  Charlie is a handsome boy.  His tail is always wagging.  Lovely personality.  He should be around 18 pounds.  He is an excellent ESA candidate.  UPDATE:   This special boy has a fabulous new home!  His new name is Ricky <3

Colby-nine weeks


The cuteness!   This is a little black and white parti boy.   Just a bit smaller than his twin.   Should be about 16/17 pounds.   Very loving personality.  He is the first one to have learned how to get up on the couch.  He is VERY smart and a bit mischievous.  UPDATE:  This special boy has been reserved with plans to be an ESA who will read with inner city children.  We are thrilled!  His new name is Rudy <3

Chloe-seven weeks


This little beauty is red with white on her forehead and belly.  She is the smallest in the bunch with petite features.  She will be a mini, more towards 12 pounds.  UPDATE:  Chloe has gone home with a lovely woman and her family.   She will help greet shoppers at a wonderful Maine boutique www.blossomstudiobeads.com .

Her new name is Rose. <3

Cooper-seven weeks


This handsome little man is all shiny black!  What a sweet loving boy.   Nice solid build.  Should be 18-20 pounds.  UPDATE:  Cooper has chosen his new mom and won her heart!   He will have a lovely Maine home and a new BIG sister who is a Great Dane.   Looking forward to pictures of the two!   His new name is Bear <3

Chelsea-eight weeks


Sweet little Chelsea is an all shiny black female.  Lovely personality.  Chelsea is on the smaller side and will likely be a mini-around 12 pounds.  This little girl has a fantastic people oriented personality.  She will make some lucky person a nice companion.  She is an excellent ESA candidate.  UPDATE:  Chelsea has gone to her new home!  Her new name is Lucy <3

Harley-nine weeks


This gorgeous girl is a solid red!   She's a love and her new name is Harley!  She is more on the mini size and should be 12/13 pounds.  She has begun training to be an ESA and will 'work' at a college!  Harley's personality is shaping up to be a wonderful fit for ESA work.  She appears to have some of the intuitiveness of her dad.   :) Update:  Reserved

Please keep in mind...

These pups were bred to be companion, emotional support or therapy dogs.   Therefore, we do not anticipate someone wanting to breed them so there are no AKC papers.  The pups will be listed in the Emotional Support Dog Registry. 

There is no need to have these dogs "conform" to AKC standards by docking their tails.  They will come to you with intact beautiful tails.


Pups will be socialized with people who struggle with but, are not defined by the following :  autism, anxiety, trauma and epilepsy.  They will also have extensive contact with elderly.


Pups will begin de-sensitization training by being exposed to :   Dogs, cats, cars, strangers to the home, being handled, loud noises.

About Us

Our Mission-Emotional Healing


Jasper (pictured above as a puppy) began his therapy training  by reading with school children.  We quickly realized that time spent with him was meeting a variety of needs including anxiety, trauma, separation anxiety and more.  He has a very special temperament and sensitivity that should be passed on.    https://www.sunjournal.com/2019/02/01/pup-helps-young-readers/

We have planned litters with the temperament and trainability to be lifelong emotional support partners.  Perfect for families, elderly and people interested in bringing their dog into schools or hospitals.  These puppies are raised in a healthy, loving environment with socialization experiences from birth. An emotional support animal is an animal  that provides a therapeutic benefit to its owner through companionship. The animal provides emotional support and comfort to individuals with various needs including anxiety.   Unlike a service animal, these pups are  not  specifically trained to perform tasks.  An emotional support animal is not granted access to places of public accommodation however, under the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), an emotional support animal is viewed as a "reasonable accommodation" in a housing unit that has a "no pets" rule for its residents.

Joyous Jenny


Jenny is the happiest cockapoo you'll ever meet.  She is a source of great entertainment with her antics.  She loves to play and has a great sense of humor.  She is  being bred for her super sweet and loving nature with a touch of fun.  Her pups will be between 12-18 pounds when full grown.  

Gentle Julie


Julie is beautiful inside and out. She is a moyen sized poodle.  She is being bred for her extremely kind and affectionate nature.  She was a quiet puppy.  She loves to cuddle with her person. Her pups will be between 20-25 pounds when full grown.

Gentleman Jasper


Enough can not be said about this special mini sized poodle.  He is being bred for his uniquely intuitive nature.  He works as a therapy dog for students with emotional needs in schools.  He just seems to know who needs him and how to provide support for them.   

Judicious Josie


This beautiful apricot, moyen sized poodle is being bred for her concern and caring for her person.  She takes care of all of us.  She is watchful, smart and an excellent mother.   Her pups will be approximately  between 15-20 lbs when full grown.

Genetic Panels

Jasper's Health Report (pdf)


Josie Health Report (pdf)


Puppies are $1500 with ESA registration $1300 without


Your puppy will come home with:

An Emotional Support Dog Kit including:

  • Certificate (with the handler’s name, the emotional support dog’s name, and the date of registration)
  • ID card (also shows the handler’s name, emotional support dog’s name, and an optional photo of the emotional support dog on the card)
  • Additional copy of ID card (in case you lose the original)
  • Both the certificate and the ID cards include the registration number which can be used to look up the emotional support dog in the database
  • Emotional support dog tag (can be attached to your emotional support dog’s collar or vest)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Training & Support


Training Your New Friend

Your puppy will come home with a training dog clicker and tips for helping you and your pup with potty training and basic commands

Puppies have a one year genetic health guarantee, return policy, vaccs/worming, clicker and crate training.

My Blog


K-9 Grooming Madison, Maine

I have known Gary and Lisa for eight years as the groomer for their amazing dogs.  When I first met Jasper, the sire, he was four months old.   He walked in standing tall, light on his feet and sat down and looked straight up at me with his sweet brown eyes.  Not what I expected in a young pup!  His personality is loving, laid back, smart and very well behaved.  I have been grooming for ten years and out of all my dogs I have only three like Jasper.  It is therapy for me to groom him!  Any of his offspring would be an amazing pet/therapy dog.     -Starla Fortin


We receive many inquiries about our special puppies.  We can not hold a puppy on a verbal basis.  Placing a good faith deposit of any amount will hold your puppy until he/she is ready to come home. 1. Click  Paypal button 2.  Clearly state male/female and the name we have listed  3.  You will receive an immediate receipt through Paypal and we will send you one from us as well.   4.  The pup will then be considered yours.  Deposit is non-refundable.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card